Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing – Outsource your Marketing for better ROI and Lower Costs!

In tough times it’s critical that you keep your marketing momentum, but ensure that your marketing is being as effective as it can be. At the same time often cost cutting is necessary and you may need to look at alternative ways of accessing resources or using what you already have.

Pure Initiative works with start ups to multinationals on a managed schedule saving you time and money – you don’t pay for coffee breaks or long lunches! Plus, we are typically able to save clients that have been managing these functions in house up 30-50% on their marketing spends by savvy media buying and complimenting and leveraging more effectively from, their house resources.

We can manage the entire creative process—from cool ideas to hot results—giving our clients more time to focus on business. 

Our expertise extends to:

  • Market and Competitor Research
  • Brand Development & Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Public Relations
  • Campaign Management

Where specific expertise is required (graphic design, TVC production etc), we only work with top-quality creative resources that offer great value. We don’t charge a mark up on any of these services and happily work with our clients in house resources or established supply relationships.